Magician Cheated Las Vegas Casinos

I have brought something really special today: It’s the most valuable thing I have. This is usually in my bank box, But I brought it here for the occasion: It’s, a card deck with 52 different card And every single card in this deck. I have personally honestly stolen It’s! True, Two and a half year ago, the summer of 2014, I was playing the World Series of Poker It. ’ s goes on every summer in Las Vegas.

In addition to playing, I wanted to see if I’m, as good of a cheater, That I imagine So I traveled around to the biggest and most secure casinos in Las Vegas and clubs And tried to cheat. And if I managed that I stole a card As a proof or nobody in the world would believe it, The result is here 52 cards from the world. ’ s most famous casinos, Rio is where we lived and also where we played the world series. Mgm is where Mike Tyson bit the ear of Holyfield At Cesar Palace, the world: ’ s, most famous casino In front of all the guards and the cameras in the celling There.

I also stole the cardbox. We have a thief in front of us. Take the rest of the 50 too: I randomly ended up at Hooters too.

This was the most dangerous. I stole it at a private bikers club. If they ’ d caught me, they would have killed me at the spot. I went on like that until I had stolen 52 cards.

Did you get caught This finger got a round, but they only crush you fingers. So you survive It’s really risky business. Is he joking? No, this is real cards. How long time does it take to steal 52 cards? I used two weeks Night and day.

I only slept a little, But I kept going like that until I had the entire card deck. The two last cards I took was these two black twos And I thought we could do a trick with those I will put one by one card on the table And I thought that you Suleman could say, stop whenever you want. I have 52 cards, so you can use long time or short time It. ’ s. Your choice just say: stop Stop -There. Do you want to change your mind?

No, Then it ’ s! Your turn. Stian.

I put one by one card down And you say whenever you want to stop Stop. Do you want to change your mind? No Now the thing is, you will see something strange. You could put the card exactly where you wanted And you could change your mind. I ’ ve been around all of Las Vegas and you could have chosen Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Hotel, where all the parties are Bellagio.

All the cards are from different casinos, But the two of you, You chose the only casino in the entire Las Vegas, Where I stole two cards Because there they played with red and blue card decks. Maybe that ’ s random. Maybe I had luck, Maybe that, But he turned around when he chose, But it wasn, ’ t all random Because at Jerry, ’ s Nugget. I was extra active And just so there ’ s. No doubt it!

It’s exactly the same card. It is strange that you chose the same casino, Even more strange that it is the same card, But the sick thing – And this is sick – Is how you manage to choose four black two’s Out of a card deck that only consist of 8 of diamond Don. ’ t go closer. He will turn you into a frog Black magic.

It’s insane. Like all other people in the world I get as angry as I get impressed Only eights There were courtcards. I saw them. Yes, it was but not anymore.

Weird. Do you have a theory Bjarne It? ’ s, not important how you do it as long as it ’ s magical to watch.

I agree. Thank you.