Old Video Game Technologies

So today you’re not actually reacting to a video. – I’m a little scared. – What will I be reacting to? – (Finebros) You’ll be reacting to this. – Oh. Um… I have totally never seen this before. – Oh no, this is like those old-fashioned video games. – Is this an Atari Genesis or something? – This is like Atari. I think there’s some Mario games on this, right? – Ah, the Atari! We have one of these at my house. – I heard of it in CeeLo Green’s song (laughing) “Forget You.” – (children) Question time! – (Finebros) This is called the Atari 2600. – 2600? – That a weird name. – Oh, the Atar– I’m thinking Nintendo 64 or something. – My parents probably played with this or something. – (Finebros) It was popular throughout the 1970’s and early ’80s. – Oh, that’s a while ago. – Well, my mom and dad were born in the 1970’s, so it’s as old as my mom and my dad. – (Finebros)

Ready to play the Atari? – Yes! – I’m ready. – I will beat it. – Yeah, do I need this? – (Finebros) We’re gonna have you play this. – Eh… “Asteroids.” – There’s a rocketship You have to kill all the asteroids. – We had this one! I never played it myself, but my dad played it. – (Finebros) Okay, go ahead and try to put it in. – Okay. Does it come out? – Wait, is this the whole thing? – I’m so sorry for anybody who grew up in the 1970’s and ’80s. – Am I doing it the right way? (fumbling) (game clicks into place) – Wait… (huffs) (game clicks into place) Okay. – (Finebros) Okay, now you can power it on. – “1981 Atari Incorporated.” – This is to shoot. Then this is to move. (pew! pew! pew!) – Am I moving? I can’t tell. – The joystick’s a little hard to move around. – The graphics aren’t too good. It’s kind of hard to control. – I’m lost. Oh! (laughing) It’s really hard to keep up with this. – I keep moving everywhere and I really don’t care because I’m winning. –

Just keep blastin’. (pew!) Everything will be all right, boy. Get dunked on! And I died. – You… (squeals) I died. – It’s actually fun. I love old games. – It’s really cool because how fun a game could be without the good graphics. – I’m trying to see where I’m… this is actually harder than I thought it would be. – I’m just trying to keep it in one area and just shoot there. Wait, don’t came at me. Don’t come at me! DON’T! Unfair. – I’m not good at these games. And this is proving what I’m saying. – I’ve played Pong once. Pong’s much better than this. (warbling) – What’s happening? Could someone please inform me what’s happening? – The asteroids keep coming, so I keep getting hit by them. – Nowadays, it actually looks like real life, but this is just a bunch of pixels.